Simsbury Fire District

The Simsbury Fire District was formed at a special meeting held on June 5, 1944 in order to finance the equipment and training needed by the newly formed Simsbury Volunteer Fire Company. The Fire District is a separate body of government within the Town of Simsbury with the sole purpose of financing the fire protection system through the levying and collection of taxes. The District has an Executive Committee and three fire commissioners. The Executive Committee is elected annually at a town meeting for two-year terms with the President and Clerk terms beginning in odd years and the Vice President and Treasurer terms beginning in even years. The Fire Commissioners are appointed by the Executive Committee for alternating three-year terms. All of these offices are volunteer positions.

The Fire District employs a team of dispatchers for 24/7/365 dispatching coverage, a fire marshal and deputy fire marshal, a full-time apparatus mechanic, and maintenance personnel who oversee District facilities and fire hydrant maintenance and repairs.

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Meeting Dates

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