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To minimize injuries, and property loss from fire, hazardous conditions, rescue situations, and other disasters, by providing excellent state of the art, life and
property conservation, emergency and educational services while recognizing our people as our most important resource and the key to our success!



1st Assistant Chief Jason Gilbert - Chief of Personnel

gilbert pinning 1  Gilbert Family

1st Assistant Chief Gilbert's father, Retired Captain Peter Gilbert, pins the new badge on his son. 1st Assistant Chief Jason Gilbert with his proud family.



 2nd Assistant Chief Kristin Kelley - Chief of Training

 KKelley Pinning 1  KKelley pinning 2

 2nd Assistant Chief Kelley is pinned by her two boys Jaxson and Braydon.  2nd Assistant Chief Kristin Kelley with her proud family.



2nd Assistant Chief Michael Brown - Chief of Equipment and Safety

 Brown Pinning 1  Brown Family

   2nd Assistant Chief Brown's wife Stephanie does the pining honors.          2nd Assistant Chief Michael Brown and a proud family.


Captain Jeff Holmes - Captain Main Station

 Holmes Pinning 1  Holmes Pinning 2

Captain Holmes is pinned by his father Peter.                                          A proud moment for Father Peter and Son, Captain Jeff Holmes.



4 officers pinning 

Left to Right: 1st Assistant Chief Gilbert, 2nd Assistant Chief Kelley, Captain Holmes, 2nd Assistant Chief Brown


 Gilbert Father and son  KKelley mom dad pinning

                          Father and Son                                                                                        Father, Mother, Daughter

 1st Assistant Chief Gilbert & Retired Captain Gilbert               Deputy Chief Kowalski, Auxiliary Member Kowalski, 2nd Assistant Chief Kelley

Deputy Chief Welcome  Chief reading promotional order

              Deputy Chief Kowalski Welcomes the Attendees                                     Chief Baldis Reads the Promotions Orders


The Simsbury Fire District and The Simsbury Volunteer Fire Company are pleased to announce that you can now listen to WSIM 103.5 radio from anywhere through a live streaming service that has been activated. 

Just click on the Live Streaming link above and enjoy the music and information direct from downtown Simsbury.





That may have been the headline 75 years ago if not for a group of Simsbury residents who stepped up to form and organize the Simsbury Volunteer Fire Company when Ensign Bickford informed the town that it could no longer provide fire response service to the town due to the impact of World War II.

Working in partnership with the Simsbury Fire District (who is also celebrating 75 years of service) the Simsbury Volunteer Fire Company, starting with 1 engine and a hand full of volunteer residents, has seen significant growth and modernization as it continues to provide the highest level of fully trained fire and rescue services. The SVFC continues to reply on Simsbury residents to volunteer to be trained and state certified as firefighters.

This year we begin our celebration of 75 years of volunteer fire service to the Town of Simsbury.  There are many events being planned over the next 12 months beginning with the Rotary's Simsbury River Run Road Race - Held Sunday April 28th on Iron Horse Blvd -  While the weather didn't cooperate it certainly didn't dampen the sprit of the celebtration nor the spirit of the runners who came in support of this event and our kick off anniversary event. We wish to thank all who ventured out to run, walk, or just to support this great running event.  


21st ANNUAL SIMSBURY VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANY & LADIES AUXILIARY GOLF TOURNAMENT- held Thursday June 13th at Simsbury Farms Golf Course.  This annual fund rasing event was enjoyed by a 160+ golfers this year and despite the cold raining day it was a fun day for all. We were happy to be back at Simsbury Farms as we celebrated our 75th anniversary during this event.  Mark your 2020 calendars for June 11th! 


FAMILY CHICKEN BBQ  - Was held on Saturday June 29th at the Weatogue Fire Training Grounds / Weatogue Park.  A bit of a throw back from yesteryear featuring a good fashion fresh cooked Chicken Dinner with Corn on the Cob, Baked Potato, Salad, Roll and Fresh Strawberry Shortcake for Dessert!  There was music entertainment provided by our own high school battle of the bands winners, old fashion carnival style games such as Hoopla, Nickle Pitch and Fish toss for the kids reminiscent of old Simsbury Volunteer Fire Company Carnivals held on these grounds years back.  We even brought back our Hi-Striker and Dunking booth which included "dunkiees"  like our own Fire Chief Jim Baldis, Police Chief Nick Boulter, and Ambulance Chief Karin Stewart!  NBCCT Meteoroligist Bob Maxon made an appearence in the dunking booth too!  A firefighting themed "firefighter challenge" activity for the kids was very popular with gear for the kids to wear, fire hose, teddy bear rescue and more. It was a great time and we thank all those to came to help up celebrate our 75th birthday!

 E1 01  

75th ANNIVERSARY FIRE TRUCK PARADE - Was held on Sunday September 8th - In partnership with the Simsbury SeptemberFest the Simsbury Volunteer Fire Company and Simsbury Fire District put on parade all our Fire Apparatus and mobile equipment which was a feature of the old carnival days over 20 years ago. It was a beutiful sunny day with many residents and out of town guest sitting along Iron Horse Blvd as Simsbury presented its apparatus along with neighboring towns who came to help with the celebration.  It was a fun time for all.

Through the efforts of the Simsbury Fire District, The Town of Simsbury's Public Safety Committee and Emergency Management, Simsbury has it's own radio station which will benefit the communityduring emergencies but will also provide commercial free music, information and live broadcasts from a variety of events around town.

Following the infamous October Snowstorm of 2011, Simsbury was left with no power and failing cell systems as back up power systems began to fail after prolonged use.  The Board of Selectman's Public Safety Subcommittee felt that we needed some sort of communication ability that would give our residents a way to get information that was not dependent on the internet, cell phone or other connected technology.  

What we felt was needed was an old fashion radio system that most everyone could access from home or automobile with a simple radio.  That started the ball rolling and the town's Emergency Manager, Kevin Kowalski, along with the Simsbury Fire District began the journey of getting Simsbury it's own radio station.  

After testing an AM System it was determined that a Low Power (LP) FM system would work best for our town.  As they say... "Timing is everything".... and we found ourselves with a licensing opportunity that would normally take years to accomplish.  With the help of some Simsbury resident volunteers who have some inside radio station knowledge, the application for the license was submitted and ultimately approved.  After the construction phase which included securing equipment and building out a studio (which is at the Main Fire Station) WSIM 103.5 LPFM station was introduced to the community with limited broadcasting.  

Over the next several months, work was done to create a library of music which would allow us to broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The creation of this library was the work of Simsbury Volunteer Firefighter Joe Barrett who is a music aficionado.  While putting this library together Joe, who is also a registered minister, began to put together a live broadcast schedule 3 days a week. "Rocking Reverend Joe" holds his live broadcasts on Wednesday Evenings from 7 to 9, Friday Evenings from 7 to 9 and on Sundays from 4pm to 7pm where he not only plays tunes but provides a bit of history about the music which is rarely ever heard on radio stations elsewhere.  Also the Station has become noted for playing often forgotten songs which brings a sense of nostalgia to its listening audience.

Through the work of volunteers WSIM will continue to expand its broadcasting abilities and is gearing up to provide emergency information broadcasts if the need arises.  The station has also begun and will expand public service safety messages from notables like Sparky the Fire Prevention Dog and McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog just to name a few. 

The ability to do live offsite broadcasts is also in the development stages right now which will allow WSIM to broadcast from remote locations during emergencies but will also allow us to develop live local high school sports broadcasts.

The community of Simsbury will be one of only a handful of communities in the country with a commercial free radio service that is run by Emergency Management Services and is dedicated to the community to provide emergency information, local safety information, entertainment and local content such as High School sports.

Please tune us in at 103.5 on your radio and follow us on Facebook at WSIM RADIO

Here are some stories posted from various sources about the radio station:




Remembering the Fallen

Remembering the Fallen

In memory of those firefighters who died in the line of duty

For All Emergencies

Call 911 for all Emergencies