Thursday November 27, 2014

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To minimize injuries, and property loss from fire, hazardous conditions, rescue situations, and other disasters, by providing excellent state of the art, life and
property conservation, emergency and educational services while recognizing our people as our most important resource and the key to our success!

As we quickly approach this year’s winter holiday season I think that it’s fitting that we begin with THANKSGIVING. 

Beyond the stories of the Pilgrims sitting down with their new found friends, the Native American Indian, beyond the traditions of families and friends sitting down to share a feast of food and fellowship, beyond the hustle and bustle of the holiday store sales and the shopping that looms ahead, I see a meaning that is fitting for the name of this infamous and truly American Holiday.  THANKS GIVING!  


This is a special time of year to GIVE THANKS to those past and present who served this nation in the military protecting this great country and making it possible for every American to celebrate THANKSGIVING in any manner we choose. 

This is a special time of year to GIVE THANKS to the men and woman of the emergency services who protect our lives through their work as Police Officers, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Service providers. 

This is a special time of year to GIVE THANKS to those who work in our Hospitals, Extended Care Centers, Convalescent Homes, and Assisted Living Centers whom we depend on to take care of the injured, sick, and elderly. 

This is a special time of year to GIVE THANKS to all the Volunteers who in their own way help those in need. 

And this is a special time of year to GIVE THANKS to the fact that we are able to be in this world today to celebrate this holiday of THANKSGIVING with our loved ones and all those who make this uniquely American Holiday possible.


To All of You,




Chief Jim Baldis

The 2014 Annual Pump Testing of all Apparatus Fire Pumps began this week.  

These photos show Engine 7 at the Weatogue Training Facility.



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Chief James Baldis promoted Lt. Todd Kelley to Captain and Firefighters Steve Hess and Jeff Holmes to Lieutenant earlier this month.



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On July 7th, members of The Simsbury Volunteer Fire Company attended a memorial service for the 1944 Hartford Circus Fire.

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Remembering the Fallen

Remembering the Fallen

In memory of those firefighters who died in the line of duty

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