Tuesday December 01, 2015

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To minimize injuries, and property loss from fire, hazardous conditions, rescue situations, and other disasters, by providing excellent state of the art, life and
property conservation, emergency and educational services while recognizing our people as our most important resource and the key to our success!

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Over the past few months many of the Fire Hydrants in Simsbury have received a new High Visibility Marker to aid in locating them during an emergency.  The new markers are taller and orange with two blue reflective stripes.  The plan is to change out the markers on the hydrants over the next 12 to 18 months.  Our goal is to make the hydrant easier to spot by the fire engine operator especially during winter storms when visibility is low and snow hasn’t be removed from around the hydrant.

With regard to Hydrant Carewhich includes snow removal, please be advised that the Town of Simsbury passed a new hydrant ordinance that took effect October 21, 2015. 

This ordinance is in effect to help ensure that our fire hydrants are accessible year round.  This means free from plantings, rocks, fences, and any other items that may be put in place to hide the hydrant that sits on a front lawn.  The ordinance requires that snow and other debris is removed from around hydrants to keep them accessible to our firefighters at the time they need it to protect you and your property.

We ask that all residents and property owners become familiar with this ordinance and check the hydrants on or near their property.  We encourage neighborhoods to work together in this effort especially to help those who may be elderly and have a hydrant on their property.  The location of the hydrant is determined by the location of the water main and where the hydrant will be beneficial to the greatest number of homes or businesses.  So while that hydrant next door or right down the street may not be “YOUR” responsibility to keep clear, that hydrant is there to protect “YOUR HOME” in the event of a fire which is also why the insurance companies always ask where the nearest fire hydrant is to your home.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding this or any other Fire Department matter please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Email is the best at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone through our dispatcher at 860-658-1971.

Chief Jim Baldis

As we turn another page on the calendar we are beginning our back to school adventures and we must remember to be on the lookout for children at bus stops and Flashing Red Light bus signals, which everyone (even fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances) must stop. 


This is also a bitter sweet time where our recent high school graduates are heading off to school to begin a new chapter of learning and growing.  Please remind your college bound student that fires can occur anytime and anywhere.  Be sure the smoke detector in the dorm room works and never burn candles, use hot plates or prohibited electrical items that could cause an electrical short and possible fire.  Just as you have exit strategies at home, have your college student take a few minutes to review the layout of the dorm and locate the nearest and an alternate exit in case a fire does occur and the building must be evacuated. 


Along with the back to school activities September begins our fall clean up including closing pools for the season.  We remind our pool owners to be careful when using winterizing chemicals that safety is all important to ensure your pool closing efforts are successful.  Keep your pool chemicals away from children and pets, always follow the instructions carefully for use and store them in a secure and dry area.


Stay Safe


Jim Baldis

Chief , Simsbury Fire Department


As you pass any of the six Fire Stations in Simsbury you may not notice where they are located and what is behind the garage doors.  Our Fire Stations are strategically placed throughout the town to maximize protection and the complement of equipment benefits Simsbury residents and businesses with a favorable Fire Insurance Rating.

In the closing weeks of the summer and moving into fall you may take a hike on Talcott Mountain or a kayak ride on the Farmington River. When you do please know that the members of the Simsbury Volunteer Fire Company stand ready to help you if you find yourself in distress. To facilitate this protection Simsbury has two boats and an ATV for rescue operations.


We can deploy our boats for a river rescue and on the mountain we can find and transport a lost or injured hiker. We also possess all the equipment necessary to perform a high angle rescue. Our members train for these situations year round so we remain sharp and able to immediately provide the best rescue methods necessary.

My hope is that you safely enjoy the remainder of the 2015 summer and I encourage you to make certain that you let someone know of your water recreation plans and enter the woods with a fully charged cell phone.


This link is to the DEEP website with a map of Talcott Mountain State Park.  http://www.ct.gov/deep/lib/deep/stateparks/maps/talcgis.pdf 

I recommending downloading the map and reviewing it before you head out.


Jim Baldis


Remembering the Fallen

Remembering the Fallen

In memory of those firefighters who died in the line of duty

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